Corporate Social Responsibility

The concept of "Social Responsibility and Community Service" is a high priority for Riyad Bank’s interests and objectives. The bank strives to maintain this concept as a key base of the bank’s principles to crystallize the sense of belonging and loyalty to the nation and its people.

The bank’s philosophy and its plans towards meeting its obligations to the community are based on a series of well established values that govern all efforts. These values constitute towards an integrated system for the endurance and achievement, reflecting the professional dimensions far beyond the traditional and outdated social views of other companies.

The following list of values constitute the basis of Riyad bank exercising its community service and social responsibility activity:

  • Vision: Riyad Bank possesses a special vision that contributes to the social service based on sponsoring promising programs of public interest, and supporting people to help themselves.
  • Sustainability: Riyad Bank is keen to adopt programs and typical initiatives that can add value to its efforts in achieving a comprehensive and sustainable development.
  • Initiative: Riyad Bank realizes the fact that "social work" requires real endurance to produce innovative ideas that make a real change in people's lives and the community positively.
  • Partnership: Riyad Bank believes that social work requires cooperative efforts by all parties with their joint intentions and wills synchronized together for the best interests.

Localized Careers Program

Riyad Bank extended its successive efforts to localize jobs and provide promising career opportunities for young nationals as they represent the axis of sustainable development.The bank has recorded 93% Saudization rate of its total staff leading the national institutions in this area. Also, the bank has demonstrated full presence in the Career Day, within and outside the Kingdom.

Additionally, the Saudi Arabian female employees make up 25% of the total number of the bank’s employees, who contribute to important roles in all sectors of the bank. This shows the vital role played by Riyad Bank to stimulate employment opportunities for Saudi women.

Small and Medium Enterprises Program

This program includes a comprehensive package and an integrated system of services, financing facilities, banking and investment advisory, adopted by the bank to support the Small and Medium Enterprises sector in the Kingdom to enhance their contribution to the national economy. This has helped the bank rank first place in the total number of institutions, total value of guarantees and total value of funding since "Kafala" program incepted.

Agricultural training program for people with disabilities

A joint program with Alahsa Disabled Association, launched in 2011 for rehabilitating the young nationals with mental disabilities for the labor market through developing their skills in the field of agriculture.

Crafts Program

A leading social project carried out in partnership with Al Turath group, targeting to find a source of livelihood for national women with disabilities, through supporting their creations of artifacts and providing them with marketing channels.

Cultural Awards

In 2008, the bank adopted the “Book Award” in collaboration with Riyadh Literary Club, under the sponsorship of the Ministry of Culture and Information. In 2014, the bank adopted the “Women of Excellence Award” in collaboration with Qassim Literary Club to honor the intellectual innovators and creators of the nation in various forms of Arts and knowledge.

Charity Transportation Project

A development project sponsored by the bank in collaboration with the Associations ofPhysical Disabilities in the Kingdom, to provide those alliances with specially equipped buses to facilitate the movement of disabled people.

Ramadan Charity Convoys

A series of aid convoys adopted by Riyad Bank since 2008.This is a voluntary work carried out by the employees of the bank during the holy month of Ramadan every year to distribute food to poor families in various parts of the Kingdom.

Summer Center for people with special needs

A typical initiative that was launched in 2008 in collaboration with Al Shabab Club, aiming at providing an ideal environment for the development of physical and mental skills for people with special needs by embracing them during the summer holidays.

In light of the maturation of this experience and its significant and positive achievements, the Bank sought to mainstream the idea of initiative and expanded it during the year 2014 by adding two new centers, one in the city of Arar in cooperation with the General Directorate of Education in the region, and the other in the city of Al Baha, in collaboration with the Association of Disabled Children at Baha Centre.

Visiting patient children in hospitals

A voluntary contribution adopted by the bank's employees in various cities of the Kingdom, to organize visits to hospitalized children and distribute gifts to alleviate them from their pain and see them smile again.

Distribution of medical devices

An integrated program adopted by the bank to provide requirements for medical institutions and patients with of different types of medical systems to raise the quality and level of health care provided to the children of the nation.

Winter garment

A voluntary initiative has been launched by the Bank since 2009, with the collaboration of its employees and affiliates. The initiative is specially designed to help the poor families with their needs at the beginning of winter every year.

Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

An awareness initiative has been sponsored by the Bank for the last 6 years, collaborating with Al Zahra Breast Cancer Association to raise women's awareness towards the importance of early detection of breast cancer and to prevent and minimize the likelihood of infection.

Wafaa program for deceased families

A humanitarian initiative designed to support deceased former employee families of the bank and provide a decent life for them. The initiative was launched by the bank in 2005 based on the concept of social solidarity and to strengthen the values of belonging and loyalty.

Environmental Development

Concreted steps made by the bank to activate its contributions to the preservation of the environment and raise awareness of its importance. The Bank's efforts in this area included the adoption of a campaign for cleaning the shores of Jeddah from residues and waste and supported the campaign for cleaning the Island of "Jareed" in the Eastern Province.

Charity Support Programs

The bank has launched a wide range of initiatives to support the development of charities, such as providing treatment and rehabilitation programs for people with special needs, establishing school classes and providing Braille clocks for the blind.

International Days and Weeks, National events, Economic forums and conferences

Riyad Bank has recorded effective presence and constant care to support a number of special events and global awareness days and weeks in various sectors, as well as national events through sponsoring conferences and economic forums in the Kingdom.

Websites and web application development for charities

Noticeable initiatives that were launched by the bank to strengthen its partnership with charities and support their efforts to achieve its development mission. The bank has voluntarily developed websites and smart applications for a number of associations, including Al Nahda Women’s Charitable Society, Mawadda Association For Society Development and Eta’am Charity Association.

Awareness programs and campaigns

The bank sponsored a wide range of awareness programs and campaigns in vital issues that affect the development of the society, and enhance civil values, such as "Mother and Child" campaign, organ donation, AIDS elimination, Arabic language preservation, anti-drug campaign and safety awareness campaigns.