Create your Online shop With Salla + Without fees for a year

Riyad Bank presents an exclusive offer for limited time for Customers when they Creat online shop with Salla they will receive Salla+ features without fees for 1 year.
*Terms and conditions apply


Riyad Bank offers a various digital services with “Salla” to enable the digital transformation for MSME Bank Customer, by supporting them to create professional online shops connected to payment terminals and the best logistic services


  • The permanent transformation of e-commerce in an easy, smooth and fast manner
  • The possibility of growth and expansion in the e-commerce field with the lowest costs and the best results
  • Take advantage of the various support services and solutions offered by Riyad Bank
  • Reaching a larger customer segment in all regions of the Kingdom and various regions of the world

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The offer is valid until 31/07/2022
  2. This offer is exclusive for Riyad Bank customers and active current account is required
  3. Maintain 10,000 SR monthly average balance
  4. Business activity should be more than one year
  5. The name and commercial registration information must be matched with the information registered in the bank
  6. Riyad Bank is not responsible to manage the products, images or any content at the merchant’s website
  7. Riyad Bank E-commerce product Terms & Conditions applied
  8. T&C of service provider “Salla” will be applied and the Customer must sign a separate contract with “Salla” click here to review

For more information:click here to review
To register on Salla, please register via: