Employee Benefits

At Riyad Bank salaries and benefits are carefully structured and classified to grant you the best opportunities and features. The actual payroll guarantees a fair distribution of benefits among employees and gives them an incentive to deploy their best efforts to increase their productivity, improve their performance, and enhance their values.

Some of the benefits and perks you can find working at Riyad Bank are, but not limited to:

  • An attractive salary package
  • Annual housing allowance (equals to 3 basic monthly salaries with SAR 12,000 as a minimum)
  • Monthly transportation allowance
  • Nursery allowance for the ladies’ children
  • Annual incentives based on performance
  • Cash incentives (cash and in kind) granted to employees in accordance with their respective performance and the completion of  objectives
  • Housing loan system to purchase or build a home with easy terms & conditions
  • An exclusive savings program with high returns, benefiting between the participating employees and the bank
  • A comprehensive medical insurance covering the employee and their family
  • Special bonus and incentives for jobs with special nature
  • Personal loan system with easy facilities
  • Regular social and sportive activities which are organized under the Bank umbrella
  • Ramadan and Hajj grants equal to two basic monthly salaries
  • Car financing through lease-ownership agreement