RiyadOnline Corporate

RiyadOnline Corporate

Accessing your corporate accounts conveniently and executing financial transactions 24/7 and from wherever you like.
RiyadOnline Corporate is an online portal specially designed to cater for corporate banking needs and special requirements.

  • Set different access entitlements for multiple users
  • View and download holistic online reports
  • Access and manage all accounts associated with your business
  • Execute transactions in bulk or individually

Our team will be glad to serve you from 8am till 5pm, Sunday through Thursday.



RiyadOnline Corporate allows customers to manage bank accounts over the internet without having to visit a branch. The portal is compatible with all the popular browsers and offers a user friendly interface that is simple to understand and function.

With increased security and real-time access to your account information and transactions, the system is designed to add value to your work, enhance control and efficiency of your financial management and provide you with access to your bank anywhere, anytime.

  • Access all accounts associated with your organization, i.e. current, savings, time deposit, loans and credit cards
  • Execute all types of online payments individually or in bulk, including national and international transfers, transfers between your accounts, bill payments, government services payments, payroll files upload, etc.
  • Setup standing orders for scheduled payments
  • View and download e-mail reports on your accounts, executed transfers, point of sale transactions, payroll payments and dividend payments
  • Administer RiyadOnline Corporate by creating and maintaining multiple users and groups of users, with separate levels of access, financial limits and transaction approval rules