Riyad Bank renews agreement with Autism research center at King Faisal specialist Hospital for the fourth year

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Under its CSR strategy “Bukra” Riyad Bank has renewed the sponsorship and support agreement with autism center at King Faisal specialist Hospital and research center for one additional year, with aims to enabling the center to conduct the research and studies in the autism field also to covers their needs and operational processes and to ensure the sustainability of qualitative programs and to provide services. The total support of previous agreement reached forty-two million SAR, which is the biggest support of its kind and the biggest in the autism field.

The agreement signing ceremony was held in King Faisal specialist Hospital and research center with presence of DR Majed Al-Fayyadh Executive General Supervisor of King Faisal specialist Hospital and research center and MR Tareq Alsadhan CEO of Riyad Bank and a number of officials.

This renewal agreement comes after the conclusion of a previous agreement that was in effect for three years, where Riyad Bank supported the programs of the center and their services for people with autism, a support that was considered as one of the biggest of its kind in the Kingdom and the biggest in the field of autism, causing a significant impact on the aspirations of the center, as an analytical report was prepared to measure the impact of Riyad Bank's financial support in the center and society through the impact on the social return, the results indicated that the return on every single riyal provided by Riyad Bank in favor of supporting the center has reached more than Three riyals.

DR Majed Al-Fayyadh appreciated Riyad bank initiative to renew the support agreement of center programs and elaborated how it reflects to the pioneering role of Riyad Bank in the CSR field, he also pointed out that this agreement will contribute in boosting the quality to center operational processes, the provided services to the people with autism and how applied research will take the scientific center in to advanced levels, while developing efficiency dealing with autism spectrum disorder children’s, as well as maintaining the sustainability of the achievements earned since the center's launch in 2010 and localizing training programs, applied behavior and physical integration, in addition, to achieve the self-sufficiency of local competencies, skills and to be in line with the kingdom vision 2030.

MR Tareq Alsadhan the CEO of Riyad bank said: that support agreement renewal for another year with autism research center comes with Riyad Bank realization and appreciation of the achievements accomplished by the center in the field of autism research, rehabilitation, therapeutic solutions, and our strong faith of superior missions adopted by center in intensifying efforts aims to develop the therapeutic environment for children with autism, in which all community organizations should provide all kinds of support to ensure the center continuity and sustainability to deliver their message to the fullest, also, he highlighted that aims and purposes of center are in line with objectives of Riyad Bank CSR strategy "Bukra" which focuses on the sustainable development projects and programs.

It is worth noting that the center, with the support of Riyad Bank, was able over the past three years to record a wide range of achievements and training, research and applied programs, and resulted in a series of distinguished results, including: 1638 advisory sessions and 20 training sessions for applied market analysis technicians throughout the Kingdom and benefited from Of these, more than 300 specialists, 1,482 diagnostic and early intervention sessions, as well as the completion of a high-tech human behavior laboratory, 33 research and working papers, training of 180 specialized teachers, 95 families, and the publication of 5 books supported by translated assessment tools.

Riyad Bank's support also enabled the center to cooperate with the University of Nevada, Reno, in the United States of America, for the Master of Applied Behavior Analysis program, from which 20 students have graduated, while another 20 are expected to graduate, in addition to implementing a professional development program for specialists in the field of autism spectrum disorder at Prince Sattam University. It included 38 specialists, while the center during that period digitized about 70,000 documents pertaining to nearly 600 beneficiaries, and held many sessions remotely. The center also provided training grants for physical integration programs for 23 trainees who completed the requirements of the global accreditation of the sensory Integration Certificate.

Its worthy noting that Riyad Bank adopts many packages of support initiatives to many institutions and associations concerned with caring for people with special needs and centers for research and studies related to autism. Riyad Bank is also considered as one of the most prominent supporters of the Center of Excellence for Autism program, which was recently launched as a joint initiative between the Ministry of Labor and Social Development and the Saudi Central Bank and was funded by Saudi banks. Riyad Bank is also one of the founding members of the King Salman Center for Disability Research, in his strong belief on the need for research institutes that devotes its work to disability research, it confirms his determination to contribute to the development of society and to deliver Riyad Bank message and vision aimed at enhancing the sustainability of effective development projects and initiatives to create better future for our society members.

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