Riyad Bank launches “WSL” platform to create the financial innovative solutions and services

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Riyad Bank launched “WSL Platform” as simulation platform to create the financial innovative solutions and services with innovative and creative concept, which designed especially for entrepreneurs and innovators, that will have a pioneering role to accelerate the innovation in achieving financial sector developing program objectives in accordance with Saudi vision 2030.

CEO Of Riyad Bank Tariq Alsadhan expressed his pride in launching this platform, guaranteeing that Riyad Bank will continue its passionate recommencing standards of productivity and creativity in Fintech, AlSadhan expressed his hope this platform would contribute to adding a new dimension to the efforts made by Riyad Bank in order to achieve the digital transformation strategy as its considered to be the main drive pushing development steps for financial and banking sector in the Kingdom, and is an important post for attracting and stimulating investments and innovation environment in the region.

The platform aims to give entrepreneurs and innovators a simulation experimental environment that allows them to develop programs and applications that simulate data and banking connectivity tools to help them build innovative business models and test it instantly and effortlessly. The platform also provides high security standards and high technical support, “WSL” platform will provide a future opportunity for cooperation between financial institutions and fintech companies in creating and developing innovative financial solutions and demonstrating a forward-thinking approach to banking development in the Saudi financial sector.

Tarabut gateway the technical partner of WSL Platform pointed out that the success often driven by innovation as Riyad Bank continues to recommencing a new standards of productivity and creativity, WSL Platform provides the best environment to enable talents in Kingdom to innovate and develop in the digital banking, we are at Tarabut looking forward to strengthening the partnership with Riyad Bank to finds fintech solutions for economic development and accelerate the innovation for next generations.

It is worth to mention that Riyad Bank is one of the most prominent banking and financial institutions in the Kingdom that shows its interest in digital transformation programs, It is considered the first bank to launch a 100 million SAR venture capital fund directed to invest in the Fintech field, as well as a strategic partner with several global platforms for innovation, Riyad Bank keeps pace with continuous global digital development, Riyad Bank a pioneer in launching many initiatives, programs and strategies targeting to meet current digital transformation and innovation in this field as it’s one of main Riyad Bank pillars of 2025 transformation strategy.

Riyad Bank permits everyone to communicate or enroll through the WSL website WSL.riyadbank.com

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