“Contactless Payment” service

A new innovative service that allows you to pay for low value purchases by taping your card against a contactless enabled point-of-sale machine at the store without the need to insert the card.

“Contactless Payment” service features:

  • It is the fastest and easiest way in making payments
  • It is protected against fraud
  • You can use this service to pay for low value purchases of up to SAR 100 per purchase
  • Service applies to cumulative values up to SAR 300 regardless of the number of transactions. For security purpose, after reaching SAR 300, the next transaction will be made by inserting the card and entering your PIN
  • Contactless transactions will be included in the monthly credit card statement

How do I pay using “Contactless Payment” service?

  1. Look for the “Contactless” reader on the point-of-sale terminal
  2. Tap your card against the reader
  3. Wait for the beep sound or green light which indicates the completion of the transaction