Open Your Account Online

Open your current account online without the need to visit the branch.
Enter your national ID or Iqama
If you have an account in "ABSHER", you will be transferred immediately to the National Single Sign-On page for authentication.
If you do not have an Absher account, you can create an account then try again later, or fill in the form and visit the nearest branch to open a current account.
* You have 3 attempts a day to open current account, and 5 attempts to try the service as a whole
Do you have Absher Account?

How it works

Your ID
Verify via the National Single Sign-On page using "ABSHER" account and fill in your information
Create your account
Receive your account number, user ID and password via SMS
Your ATM Card (Mada)
Get your ATM Card via authorized carrier
In the Digital Channels
Use the User ID and the Password sent to you via SMS

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Popular questions
What is the currency of the account?

The virtual currency of the account is Saudi Riyal.

What type of transactions the customer can perform via the digital account?

All financial transactions including transfers, bill payments, account statements etc... If you wish to get finance products or credit cards, you should visit the branch to complete necessary documents and get the desired product.

Can I apply for a virtual credit card and use it on local and international shopping websites?

Yes, once you open the account, you will be able to issue a virtual credit card then charge it and use it directly.

How can I sign up after the 7 days are over?

Follow the steps mentioned in Registration after Opening Account Online page to reactivate the account.

Can I sign up to the digital channels directly such as Riyad Mobile and Riyad Online?

Yes, you will receive an SMS containing the temporary username and password. You should use it within 7 days.

How can I get the PIN of my card?

You need to visit the nearest ATM then set up the PIN number.

How can I get the debit card after opening online account?

After opening the digital account through Riyad Bank website, you will receive your card through one of couriers contracted by Riyad Bank within 7 working days.

Should the customer visit the branch after opening the account to provide his/her signature?

The customer does not have to visit the branch to provide his/her signatures, unless they wish to get other products from the bank like credit cards, finance products or updating ID/Iqama.

I tried to open an online account, but I have been requested to visit the branch. What can I do?

If there are any issues difficulties, the customer should visit the branch to clear things then open the account.

I do not have an Absher account. Can I benefit from the online account opening?

Only customers who have an Absher account and registered in the National Address can open digital accounts. Therefore, you have to visit the nearest Riyad Bank branch to open the account.

Who can open a current account online?

All national ID and Iqama holders.

Can I transfer money to and from my account?

Yes, once you open the account you can perform all transfer transactions.

Popular questions
What are the advantages of Wazen?

With Wazen, you have the liberty to choose if the saving account is with or without returns.

Are there any fees to join?

It is free (for a limited time).

What if I needed to withdraw the savings for an emergency?

The money is yours. You only have to transfer the money from Wazen to your current account and it takes one working day only.

Can I stop Wazen anytime?

Yes, you can stop and join at any time.

What are the transactions that Wazen covers? How do I do the settings?

You can choose the following transactions to save:

  • Point of sale purchases
  • ATM withdrawal
  • Credit card payment
  • Bill payment

You can also save when you do the following deposits:

  • Salary deposit
  • Incoming transfers
  • Deposits from stock dividends

You can also do the following:

  • Determine the transactions that you want to activate (you can choose 1, some or all transactions)
  • Set a percentage for saving from the deposits and spends of each transactions, keeping in mind that you can link this percentage to a maximum amount for saving (e.g. you would like to save 10% from pos purchases provided that the amount deducted does not exceed 1000 riyals)
  • Set a minimum amount that needs to be in your current account linked to Wazen so that the saving automatically stops when the balance in our current account reaches this amount
Do I have to visit the branch to subscribe to Wazen?

No, you can easily join through Riyad Online.

Why Wazen?
  • Helps you manage your finances and balances your spends and savings
  • You can join and open a savings account automatically thru Riyad Online without the need to visit a branch
  • You can choose specific settings and saving options according to your spends
  • Provides a choice of saving with and without returns (sharia complaint product)
  • You can stop and restart the program any time
  • You can access your savings whenever needed and transfer funds to your current account
  • The program can transfer a certain percentage (you set) from deposits made in your current account to Wazen savings account
What are the requirements to join the program?

You only have to have a current account to link it to the program.

What is the list of goals (purposes)?
  • Buy a home
  • Buy a land
  • Buy a car
  • Save for my family future
  • Save towards retirement
  • Save for a child education
  • Save for holiday and travel
  • Save for marriage expenses
  • Save for medical expenses
  • Establish a private business
  • Save in general
  • Other
How does it work?

The program balances your spends and savings and you can match every transaction you make on your current account with a saving sent to your saving account according to the specific settings and saving options you set. The program allows you to also transfer a certain percentage you set from deposits made in your current account to Wazen savings account.

You have to determine a financial goal (one purpose) and the saving amount that you want to achieve with Wazen. The program will stop once you reach this goal and then you can set a new goal again.

What is Wazen?

Wazen is a new auto-save program... an innovative service that will help you save with less effort to be able to realize your goal. With Wazen you can balance between your spends and savings because the program will deduct an amount to save with every transaction, and all your savings will be automatically transferred at the end of the day to Wazen savings account!

Popular questions
Where can I find the sales consultants?

You can find them at all major car agencies/showrooms authorized by the bank.

Is there insurance on the vehicle?

Yes, there is comprehensive insurance throughout the financing period.

Can I travel outside the Kingdom?

Yes, with an external authorization letter, issued on the same day.

Is it possible for women to own a vehicle through the bank?

Yes, by authorizing a male relative of the first degree as a delegate.

Can I delegate another driver?

Yes, but the driver should be a relative of the first degree, and if the driver is non-Saudi, he should be sponsored by the main leaser.

Are there any conditions for auto leasing?

Yes, the car must be brand new (with a customs card) and through an authorized dealer/showroom.

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