Buyer “Customer”

How to Use Sadad Account:

When a customer wishes to pay one of the electronic merchants, Sadad Account can be used to transfer the amount to the desired beneficiary Sadad Account. Funds are deducted from the customer’s current account and transferred to the merchant’s Sadad Account. The customer may also track and view online purchases in a secure and convenient way.

Services Provided:

  • Ability to inquire, view and download transaction list for the account
  • Raise a refund request with a specific amount from a transaction
  • Raise and track a complaint

Registration Steps:

  • An active account in Riyad Online and then register for Sadad Account in quick and easy steps
  • Create a username (alias) and password in the registration screen then use the authentication code to confirm the registration


  • You can transfer from your Riyad Bank current account to Sadad Account
  • The top up is available 24/7
Maximum amount for top up Maximum limit per transaction Maximum daily limit for purchases
SAR 500,000 SAR 5,000 SAR 25, 000

To view the steps please click here.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Sadad Account secure?
Yes, SAMA and Sadad have offered this service to provide a safe and secure method for dealing between merchants and consumer accounts.

Why do I need to have a Sadad Account?

  1. To pay for a service from an electronic merchant without the need for a credit card
  2. To guarantee that the payment reaches the beneficiary (merchant/website)
  3. To track and view online purchases without the hassle of contacting the merchant using traditional ways and to guarantee the merchant’s credibility

How do I make sure the transfer to the website and merchant is done?
The merchants and websites linked with Sadad Account are trustworthy because SAMA has instructed them to on-board with banks and provide a commercial register (CR).

Can I register in Sadad Account through Riyad Bank?
Yes, you can through Riyad Online.

Can I register in more than one bank?
No, you have to have one account only in one bank.

Can I move my Sadad Account from one bank to another?

Can Riyad Bank register for me at Sadad Account?
Yes, the bank can do so on your behalf through the online portal.

What is the user name (alias) at Sadad Account?
It is a unique known name that the customer chooses during registration for Sadad Account, which should be used whenever performing an online purchase.

Can I create more than one Sadad Account registered at the same bank?

Can I register using the same username at more than one bank?

Can I register using different user names at different banks?

Is there an expiration date for the username?

How do I fund Sadad Account?
The customer needs to transfer funds from the current account to Sadad Account.

Do I have to pay fees for using Sadad Account?
No, there are no fees that need to be paid.