We all plan to save every month? The reality is we all struggle in achieving it. Wazen is the perfect solution to help you save without you having to put any effort. You set the rules and Wazen takes care of the rest!

Smart and innovative service for saving automatically! For each transaction you specify, a percentage of the net transaction amount will be deducted from your current account, thus the amount will be deposited into your savings account, all of this automatically, and your savings will be easier and without any additional effort.

Transactions to deduct from:

  • Salary Deposit
  • Point of Sales purchase
  • ATM Withdraw
  • Receiving incoming transfers
  • Bills Payment (SADAD)
  • Credit card payments
  • Stocks dividends deposits

Don’t do a thing… Wazen saves on your behalf!
Apply now via our digital channels (Riyad Online , Riyad Mobile)

Frequently Asked Questions :

How to Apply?
How does it work?
What are the requirements to join the program?
Why Wazen?
Do I have to visit the branch to subscribe to Wazen?
What are the transactions that Wazen covers? How do I do the settings?
Can I stop Wazen anytime?
What if I needed to withdraw the savings for an emergency?
How are profits calculated?