Bena’a Saving Program

Bena’a Saving Program

It is a medium-to-long-term Shari’a compliant investment savings program designed to help you for future financial needs and goals through committing to a savings plan.

  • Shari’a compliant
  • Ability to liquidate a part of your program
  • Have peace of mind with the family protection feature
  • Make flexible contributions to your program


Riyad Bank offers three suggested programs under Bena’a and each program serves a specific goal:

  • Bena'a for Future: A family program that is designed to help you save for future expenses, i.e. buying a house, land or financing your own business.
  • Bena’a for Education: A program designed to help you provide the best education you can afford for your children.
  • Bena’a for Retirement: A program designed to help you plan for a comfortable retirement and provide you with extra funds when necessary to maintain a convenient retirement, whenever you decide to retire.

Note: It is not mandatory to choose one of these programs, however these have been as suggested plans to help you define and achieve your future goals.

Bena’a offers several features and variety of choices according to your needs:

  • Approved by Riyad Bank’s Islamic Banking Shari’a Committee
  • Decide on the amount of your contribution and the duration of the program in a manner that is most convenient to you. However, you may also select the duration of the program between 10 and 50 years, bearing in mind your age should be 18 years old or more when you join the program and less than 70 years old at the end of the program
  • Choose between monthly and annual contributions
  • Increase your contribution any time during the program
  • You may shift your investments between portfolios four times a year, free of charge
  • You can make additional single payments to your program from time to time, other than regular contribution
  • When your investment amount reaches SAR 50,000 you can cease further contributions and leave the balance amount invested. However, in this case the "Family Protection" benefit will not be applicable
  • You can liquidate a part of your plan if the resultant plan value is at least SAR 50,000 and the resultant premium is not less than SAR 600
  • You can have peace of mind by enjoying the "Family Protection" feature, which provides fulfillment of your financial goals and protection of your family in case of death, before the end of the program
  • "Bena’a" gives you the opportunity to invest small amounts without needing a big capital, in Riyad Capital’s investment portfolios. These investment portfolios are fully compliant with Islamic Shari'a and you should take note that Riyad Capital has won multiple awards in the investment field