Rescheduling of Payments

We are pleased to inform you that our customers, military and government employees, have the choice of rescheduling their financing payments in accordance with the recent changes in their allowances.

For more information, please call 8001242020 or apply through one of our branches and provide an updated salary certificate detailing the new monthly income and allowances.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is the rescheduling limited to military and government employees only?
    Yes, it is only for customers who are military and government employees and in accordance with the changes in their allowances.
  • Are there any admin fees on rescheduling?
    No, there will be no admin fees.
  • Will there be a deduction of two installments in the month after rescheduling?
    No, only one installment will be deducted.
  • What if the customer had more than one product (home, personal, auto-leasing)?
    The customer can provide the necessary documents for rescheduling, and each case will be dealt with separately.
  • What would happen if the customer had more than one personal finance?
    Each personal finance will be rescheduled on its own, while making sure the total instalments don’t exceed 33.33% of the salary.
  • What are the documents required for rescheduling?
    A copy of the ID and an updated salary certificate detailing all allowances after the recent changes.
  • Is there a ceiling for the payment period after rescheduling?
    There is no ceiling for the payment period of personal finance, however in the case of mortgage the retirement age is taken into consideration.
  • Will a profit margin apply to the increase in payment period?
    Yes, the same rate at the time of issuance applies.
  • Will the rescheduling be automatic, and what is the process that should be followed?
    No, the customer must visit the branch and provide the required documents.