How to redeem my Hassad points?

You can redeem your Hassad points through digital Hassad Mall, by signing in to Riyad Online or Riyad Mobile and following the below steps to obtain your voucher easily:

  1. Enter Hassad Rewards Program
  2. Choose Redeem Points page
  3. Digital Hassad mall will pop up
  4. After agreeing on the terms and conditions you can choose your preferred merchant and redeem your points
  5. You will received your voucher via Email and SMS, therefore please make sure to update your information within Riyad Bank
  6. Now you can visit the merchant and show the voucher received by SMS or Email for merchant to be scanned with all ease

Learn more on how to redeem your Hassad points through Riyad Online and Riyad Mobile

What is Digital Hassad Mall?

It is a digital platform where customers can redeem their Hassad points with digital vouchers. Hassad Mall provide Riyad Bank customers with a wide range of local and international merchants where they can redeem their points locally and internationally. In Hassad mall we ensure providing a smooth redeeming experience from Riyad Bank exclusive merchants as we aim to satisfy our customers to meet their needs and expectations.

What are the features for Digital Hassad Mall?

  • Redemption Hassad Points with digital voucher where you can show the voucher to the merchant through your phone, according to the terms and conditions of the merchant where some of them provide the option of online replacement without the need to visit the merchant branch
  • E-gift card enables you to share the digital voucher with friends and family through SMS or Emails
  • Adding the redeemed digital voucher to Apple Pay once received for Apple users
  • For online merchants, you can use the card number existing at the bottom of the card in the merchant website or application