Silver Banking

Preferential rates and special offers on key banking services along with exclusive benefits. Riyad Bank Silver Banking offers you discounts range from 25% to 100% on selected services.

  • Credit cards without salary transfer
  • Priority application processing
  • 24/7 call center
  • Special offers and rates for all products

Riyad Bank’s Silver Banking is designed to provide even more value to our customers. Enjoy the competitive rates on our products and services - including personal loans, mortgages, auto leasing and credit cards.

  • Discounts from 25% to 100% on money transfers to abroad beneficiaries, Riyad Bank mada card fees, cheque book fees in addition to secure access to our online banking channels
  • Priority support when visiting any of our branches or when contacting our 24/7 call center
  • Quicker resolution of claims requests

Silver Banking customers are selected through an evaluation process in which the customer’s relationship with Riyad Bank is analyzed from a holistic perspective.

How do you know that you are Silver?

Riyad Bank sends out an email and/or text message when a customer is selected for the Silver Banking. This message highlights the features and benefits they are entitled to.

When a customer visits a Riyad Bank branch or contacts our 24/7 call center, our staff will automatically recognize them as a Silver Banking customers and provide the appropriate level of service.

You can call 800-124-2020 or visit the nearest Riyad Bank branch to find out more about Silver Banking.