Cash back by 10% of your purchases with Apple Pay

Get cash back by 10% when using your Riyad Bank MasterCard with Apple Pay, complete your domestic, international, and e-commerce transactions with a minimum of SAR 1000 during campaign period.


  • Top 2300 credit card spenders during the campaign period will be awarded 10% cashback
  • The reward value is capped at SAR 300
  • Spend a minimum of SAR 1000 in retail purchases as a minimum qualification
  • Total retail spend will be calculated based on domestic, international and e-commerce transactions
  • Total spend will be calculated on cumulative basis
  • Riyad Bank has the right to exclude any customer from the campaign according to the bank’s policies
  • Cash withdrawal transactions at ATMs will not be counted in the total spend value
  • In case of any refunds, the amounts will be deducted from the total spend accumulated according to the equivalent amounts of those refunded transactions
  • Total spend will be calculated at the end of the campaign period

Terms and conditions applied.
This offer is valid until 10/07/2019