Double your Hassad points with Riyad Bank

Double your Hassad points with Riyad Bank credit cards.

Get double Hassad points when using any of Riyad Bank credit cards within Saudi Arabia, and triple Hassad points outside Saudi Arabia. Riyad Bank enables you to redeem your points at any merchant of your choice within Hassad Rewards Program.

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Terms and conditions:

  • Get a maximum of 2000 Hassad points when transacting within Saudi Arabia
  • Get a maximum of 3000 Hassad points when transacting outside Saudi Arabia
  • Minimum total of spending SAR 10,000 per customer
  • Applicable for Riyad Bank card credit holders
  • Prepaid and Virtual cards are excluded from this offer
  • Cash withdrawal excluded
  • The customers will get Hassad points in a monthly batches during the campaign period

Terms and conditions apply
This offer is valid until 16/09/2019