No down payment required with KIA

Get the car you want through our Auto leasing program jointly with KIA ALJABER Automotive - *Zero down payment, discounted profit rate and deferred payment for the first 3 months.

  • 2.85% profit rate for payroll clients
  • 3.50% profit rate for non-payroll clients
  • 3.82% cost of full insurance coverage
  • *Zero down payment and deferred payment for the first 3 months
  • Salary assigned not required

Example of annual profit margin rate:
The car price is: SAR 70,000
Duration of finance: 60 months
Monthly installment: SAR 1,295
Annual percentage rate starts from 11.57%

*Terms and conditions are applied:
*The amounts do not include VAT
*This offer does not include the fees of registration and Number plate extraction
*The cars displayed in the offer are for advertising purposes only and do not reflect the real value of installments
* Available only for customers whose salaries are transferred at Riyad Bank

For more information 8001242020

This offer is valid until December 27, 2018