Business Entrepreneurs’ offer with a monthly account average

Business Entrepreneurs' Offer gives you a bundle of products (Payroll Solution, Point of sale terminals, E-commerce, Free Cash-deposit card and Riyad collect) to meet your business needs with easy terms and conditions.


  • Payroll Solution

    Transfer your employees’ salaries using Riyad Online-Corporate with the following reduced fees:

    • No Setup Fee
    • Waived fee for internal transfer
    • 3 SR for national transfer
    • 50 SR for international transfer
    • 4 SR “My Pay” transfer to My Pay card
  • Point of sale terminals

    With competitive rates on Mada and Credit Card transactions:

    • 0.45% per mada transaction
    • 1.60% per credit card transaction
  • E-commerce

    Benefiting from "E-commerce" can help you introduce a secure online payment channel where your customers can purchase any goods/services sold on your websites and mobile apps using their card (VISA, MasterCard, and mada).
    The following reduced fees apply:

    • 1,500 SR setup fee
    • Visa/MasterCard Merchants Service Charge: 2.00%
    • 0.5 SR transaction “flat” fee per Visa or MasterCard Transaction
    • mada merchant service charge 1%
  • Free Cash-deposit card

    Allows your employees to make cash deposits 24/7.

  • Riyad collect

    Allows you to collect subscription fees or due bills from your customers through electronic channel that directly credits into your account.

To apply, please call 920001816

Terms and conditions applied.
Offer is Valid until 01-01-2020