Transfer Internationally for Free

Western Union transfer service is now available in Riyad Mobile for Zero fees, it will enable Riyad Mobile users to send Western Union transfers to their beneficiaries in more than 200 countries worldwide and the beneficiaries can receive it as cash in minutes through over 500,000 Western Union agent locations among these countries.


  • Easy: Very easy to make transfers, just in 3 steps:
    1. Create Beneficiary
    2. Activate the Beneficiary and
    3. Transfer Money
  • Instant: The Beneficiaries can receive money in minutes through any nearby Western Union agent locations
  • Availability: The Service allows Customer to transfer money 24/7 through Riyad Mobile and Riyad Online
  • Convenience: No need to visit remittance centers and queue up for hours, just access Riyad Mobile or Riyad Online and transfer on convenience
  • Security: Secured and efficient way to perform transfers
  • Benefits: Competitive transfer fees and FX rates

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FREE on Riyad Mobile till 31st May 2021