Support your e-store’s evolution through Riyad Bank’s digital solutions with ZID

Riyad Bank offers you a special offer in collaboration with our partner Zid for promoting to expand your business in trade sector and help you accessing e-commerce world with easy terms.


1. Creating your own e-commerce ID with “ZID” that provides you with the following:

  • Your own store with your name and the ability to allocate the design without the need to technical expertise
  • Special control panel managing orders and storage
  • Communicating with service provider to send Sms to update order statues
  • Communicating with ZID staff automatically and get special offers

2. An integrated system of e-commerce services:

After the establishment of your e-commerce store to access services and members from one place and affordable prices:

  • Shipping and delivery
  • Control panel for preparing orders
  • Marketing tools and solutions
  • Packaging
  • Joint work places

3. After having the e-commerce store and the services provided by ZID staff, you will be able to access to “ E-commerce academy” provided by our partner “ZID” which you will be familiar with:

  • E-commerce fundamentals
  • Marketing for e-commerce through Snap Chat
  • Marketing for e-commerce through Instagram
  • Financial for e-commerce
  • Photography for e-commerce

4. Special package details for Riyad Bank:

  • Nomwo package priced at 3000 SR only and includes e-commerce store and the academy
  • Activate the Online payment with Riyad Online with Special prices as follow:
    • mada 1.5%
    • Visa and MasterCard 2.5% + 0.5 SR
    • Without any fees on payment

Terms and conditions:

The package provided above is available only for Riyad Bank customers according to terms and conditions:

  • The name and business registrations for the beneficiary from the package compatible with the business registration for Riyad Bank registered information
  • The mercer will be connected directly with service providers and he will be able to manage his store with his own control panel
  • Riyad Bank does not have any responsibility for managing products, images and the content for the store
  • Terms and conditions apply

For more information, please visit:
Offer is valid until 03/03/2020