Unify Your Liabilities into a Single Installment Program

Riyad bank offers customers a program to unify their current liabilities in other banks and installment companies. Riyad Bank seeks to manage customer’s financial obligations and to minimize resulted charges from such obligations through this program by offering affordable financial solutions supported by the following features:

  • Competitive profit margin
  • Fast implementation
  • Free consultation for financial planning to secure your future
  • Sharia-compliant

Terms and Conditions:

  • Transfer salary to Riyad Bank
  • Possibility to settle up to 3 external outstanding financial obligations (other than Riyad Bank)
  • Finance is up to 60 months
  • Minimum net salary of SAR 5,000
  • Maximum financing amount of up to SAR 3 million
  • Repay 80% of current obligations to third parties, provided that there is no default payment
Credit Cards

Credit Cards

Distinct set of credit cards with innovative banking solutions to meet unique lifestyle.
Auto Leasing

Auto Leasing

Owning a vehicle without having to pay the full amount upfront. Riyad Bank’s Auto Leasing program allows you to conveniently own a car of your choice.
Home Finance

Home Finance

Owning or building your dream home does not have to be your biggest concern. Our mortgage advisors will guide to choose the type of finance that would better meet your requirement.