Smart Wristband

Smart Wristband

The Smart Wristband is considered a revolution in the digital payment industry. It will provide faster and safer tap-to-pay means to purchase low value items by directly swiping the Smart Wristband at point of sale terminals without the need to carry or insert the Riyad Bank mada card at the point of sale terminal or to enter a PIN.

Key Features of the Smart Wristband:

  • The fastest, safest, and easiest method of payment
  • Used for low value items not exceeding SAR 100 per transaction
  • Cumulative amount not exceeding SAR 300 regardless of the number of the transactions. Once the maximum limit of SAR 300 is reached, the customer will be requested to enter the PIN or insert the card into the ATM or point of sale terminal
  • Instant notifications when performing transactions that will be added to the customer’s current account

A customer may get more than one Smart Wristband for the same current account.

How to use the Smart Wristband:

003. Pay Pass Icon

First, look out for the Contactless logo on any point of sale terminal to pay with the Smart Wristband.
Then, you have to only do the following:

  1. Swipe the Smart Wristband at the terminal
  2. Wait for the tone or the green light as an indication that the transaction was completed

That is all you need to make a successful payment!
You can also use it internationally wherever the Contactless service is enabled on point of sale terminals.

How to get the Smart Wristband:

Currently, you can get the Smart Wristband at one of the following branches:

City Branch Name
Riyadh Takhasusi branch male and female
Al-Muraabaa male branch
Al-Swaidi branch male & female
Princess Nora University female branch
Al-Kharj Al-kharj branch male & female
Al-Dammam Prince Mohammed male branch
Ibn Khaldoon branch male & female
Al-Dhaahran Al-Doha branch male & female
Al-Khobar Al-Khobar male branch
Makkah Makkah main branch male & female
Al-Sitteen branch male & female
Jeddah Al-Tahlia branch male and female
Prince Sultan branch male & female
Sary male branch

Smart Wristband Cost:

  • The issuance and reissuance is SAR 50
  • Customers can request the Smart Wristband or Mobile Sticker together