Riyad Mobile

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020. Android

The new Riyad Mobile is a safe and user-friendly app that allows you access to a wide range of banking services while you are on the go. Riyad Mobile app is like having a Riyad Bank branch in your pocket, which makes dealing with Riyad Bank easier and more convenient. All you need is a smartphone and an internet connection. Simply logon with your User ID and password and enjoy a host of services. Or you can register right from the app to access all Riyad Bank digital channels.

Registration Requirements:

  • Riyad Bank Active Account
  • National ID or Iqama No.
  • Card PIN
  • Credit Card Expiry date

Registration Steps:

  1. Enter National ID or Iqama No.
  2. Select Debit or Credit Card to be used for authentication
  3. Enter card PIN
  4. Enter Expiry date if you choose Credit Card to register
  5. Enter New User Name
  6. Set New Password
  7. Confirm Password
  8. Enter Email Address
  9. Confirm Email
  10. Accept Terms & Conditions to finish registration

With Riyad Mobile, nothing will stop you!

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