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The new Riyad Mobile is a safe and user-friendly app that allows you access to a wide range of banking services while you are on the go. Riyad Mobile app is like having a Riyad Bank branch in your pocket, which makes dealing with Riyad Bank easier and more convenient. All you need is a smartphone and an internet connection. Simply logon with your User ID and password and enjoy a host of services. Or you can register right from the app to access all Riyad Bank digital channels.


Accounts overview and details:

  • View your accounts (Current, Saving, Personal Finance, Autoleasing, Time Deposit, Visa and MasterCard)
  • View and Copy your IBAN and Account number
  • View last transactions
  • Net worth

Credit Card Management:

  • Activate and stop cards
  • Credit card payment
  • Pay due amount
  • Apply for Virtual Credit Card
  • Charge your Virtual Credit Card
  • Hassad Program Redemption


  • Transfer to a Riyad Bank beneficiary
  • Transfer to a domestic bank beneficiary
  • Transfer to an international bank beneficiary
  • Make a money express transfer
  • Beneficiary Management (add, delete and modify)


  • SADAD and bill payments
  • Payment of government services (and refunds where applicable)
  • Multiple bill payment
  • Due bill reminder

Other Services:

How to enroll to our Digital Channels through Riyad Mobile:

You can download Riyad Mobile app from Google Play or the App store and following the steps on the “How To Enroll” Page.

With Riyad Mobile, nothing will stop you!

Credit Cards

Credit Cards

Distinct set of credit cards with innovative banking solutions to meet unique lifestyle.
Personal Finance

Personal Finance

Sometimes in life you unexpectedly need extra cash. Whatever the reason, it’s important you have a bank that you can trust and help you finance your requirements.
Home Finance

Home Finance

Owning or building your dream home does not have to be your biggest concern. Our mortgage advisors will guide to choose the type of finance that would better meet your requirement.