Riyad App for Smartwatches

Now, you can now track your bank account activity, call Riyad Line and find the nearest Riyad Bank ATM or branch by using your Riyad App for Smartwatches.

To know how to activate the Riyad App for Smartwatches, please follow the below steps: (to enjoy the many benefits the app offers, you will need to have the latest version of Riyad Mobile App downloaded.)

  1. Log in to Riyad Mobile App and select “More Options” from the menu
  2. Select “Register Watch”
  3. An application code will appear
  4. Enter the application code on your smart watch
  5. Finally, enter the SMS code received on your mobile

Your Riyad App for Smartwatches is now ready to use!

*The Riyad App for Smartwatches will be available for iPhone 5 and above, running on iOS 9 and above
*You need to have the latest version of Riyad Mobile App to enjoy the features of the app

010. iPhone
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