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Management of Payments & Collections

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In today’s demanding and constantly evolving market you need banking products that can keep pace.

That’s why Riyad Bank through Management of Payments and Collections leverages its advanced technology to provide faster and efficient collection and payment options for you.

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Riyad Bank Direct Debit Solution allows you to collect payments directly from your client account whether at Riyad Bank or at other local banks using the Saudi payment service (SARIE).
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Riyad Bank B2B solution aims at integrating corporate clients system to provide rapid, end-to-end processing of Financial transactions and access to bank account information via effective, safe and secured communication channels.
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Riyad Bank, through its Real Estate Escrow Account (REEA), acts as an Escrow agent and protects the interest of buyers and sellers of real estate projects.
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Enables you to submit your transactions related to payments, cash management services and treasury products through SWIFTNet.
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Riyad Bank Dividend Payment Solution (DPS) allows you to pay cash by depositing directly into shareholders account or reserving cash for them to pick up effortlessly from Riyad Bank branches.


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