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Power to make effective financial decisions instead of worrying and waiting for your cash flow to increase. Riyad Bank offers tailored financial solutions and options to help your business to grow, adapt to changing market conditions or take advantage of new business opportunities.

Whether you’re looking to cover day-to-day expenses or invest in longer-term plans for your businesses future, Riyad Bank provides you with tailored financing options to help your business meet its true potential.

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Riyad Bank Working Capital Finance is designed to give businesses easy access to extra funds to help with day-to-day finance requirements.
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With Riyad Bank Contract Finance you can acquire cash against invoice(s) raised on third-parties.
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Riyad Bank Capital Expenditure Finance is a tailored solution to finance business assets that will create future benefits.
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Riyad Bank takes the lead in Saudi Arabia for arranging and participating in the flow of Syndicated Loans.
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Riyad Bank Project Finance makes it possible to fund projects and payback with the money that is generated from the project that was initially funded.


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