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Riyad Bank contributes to sustainable development through Social Responsibility Program Bukra, and aims to be a leading member with these contributions, and to add value to the community in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Through the contribution of many initiatives that are in line with Vision 2030 under 4 main pillars: economy, society, knowledge and environment.

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Creating initiatives that meet sustainable development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the world, for various types of arts, sports, culture and healthy lifestyle programs.
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Protecting the environment is our responsibility, as we will contribute in creating initiatives that increase awareness of Earth and creatures that live in it, and we are a part of it.
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Riyad Bank contributes to achieving a better society by participating in the development of individuals by creating and enabling new skills for knowledge and education
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Economic development is one of the main pillars of Vision 2030, as various economic models support works to make the economy stronger and improve social welfare.


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