Trade Finance

Supporting all your trade finance needs when you do business locally or Overseas.

Riyad Bank’s Trade Finance Services are specially designed to help you with a wealth of expertise and guidance for handling domestic and international trade requirements efficiently. Our wide network of correspondent banking relationships in various countries help you cover your needs for import and export transactions.

Letter of Guarantee

An independent and irrevocable undertaking from the Issuing Bank in favor of the Beneficiary, issued normally for a fixed amount and a fixed maturity date. Letter of Guarantee is independent to the underlying transaction or contract.Learn more

Letter of Credit

Import Letter of Credit is a commitment given by the Issuing Bank to pay the Beneficiary on presentation of complying documents.Learn more

Export Letters of Credit

Export Letters of Credit facilitates settling trade payments through letters of credit issued in your favor by a local or an Overseas Bank.Learn more

export letters

Islamic Letter of Credit

Riyad Bank’s Islamic Letter of Credit is a Shari’a compliant method that enables you to import goods on the basis of Murabaha. It facilitates conduct of your import.Learn more

Special Trade Finance Products

Riyad Bank’s Special Trade Finance Products enables you to access funds and convert your trade receivables into cash.Learn more

Riyad Trade Finance

Riyad Bank offers you e-banking solutions for Trade Finance products and services for quick and convenient online access.Learn more