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Riyad Bank Awarded Best Bank in the Middle East for 2020

Riyad Bank awarded with Middle East’s best bank for SME’s 2020 presented by Euromoney, within Euromoney Excellence annual awards which consider as one of the most prominent international institutions that are specialized in evaluating the bank's performance, as appreciation for Riyad Bank distinguished leadership for supporting SME’s and its ability to develop a package of services and financing solutions. Full article

For Life Free Credit Card Fee

Riyad Bank offers a wide range of flexible, high-secure, with innovative banking solutions and benefits aimed especially to meet the customers’ needs and expectations. Customers can automatically benefit from Hassad points after registration and redeem them for vouchers at many stores in the Kingdom. Full article

Riyad Bank awarded “Best retail bank in Kingdom 2020

Riyad Bank awarded “ Best Bank for retail banking in the Kingdom for 2020 that is represented by Global & Finance, appreciation for the achievements that have been achieved by Riyad Bank recently in the banking services for retail at the Kingdom level, which resulted by the transformation strategy 2022 which was launched as a roadmap towards the future. Full article

Riyad Bank distributed food baskets for 10,000 Families

Riyad Bank continues their support to people who are in need within CSR strategy “ Bukra” and harness all its abilities to help needy families in the community that has been affected by Coronavirus and provide support and their needs during Ramadan, which included providing food baskets for 10,000 families cooperating with the Saudi food bank and different 55 charity throughout the Kingdom with comply with the government instructions and taking many of the prevention precaution procedure for the safety. Full article

Resume working for Riyad Bank’s branches

According to the Royal order to partially lift coronavirus curfew national wide and in line with SAMA instructions, Riyad Bank announced resuming work gradually in branches in the Kingdom regions, with effect from 28 April 2020 at 10:00 AM until 3:00 PM. Full article

Riyad Bank brand flies high as one of the highest valued brand in the Kingdom and the Middle East during 2020

Riyad Bank brand flies high on the most valuable and strongest Saudi Arabia's brands ranking the 22nd place compared to 26th place last year in the middle east in addition to the third bank among the 10th most valuable brand lists in Saudi Arabia that increaded11.7% compared to the last year, according to brand finance classification that is specialized in assessing the valuable brands and strategic corporate consulting. Full article

Riyad Bank donate SAR 17 million to combat Coronavirus

As a community contribution from Riyad Bank to support the Kingdom's efforts and procedures to limit the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) as a safety precaution from it, Riyad Bank announced that they contributed SAR 17 million to support health endowment fund that is dedicated to combat Coronavirus. Full article

Riyad Bank announces the working branches list in the upcoming period

To support the Kingdom effort and procedures to limit the spread of the Corona virus (COVID-19) as a safety precaution from it. Riyad Bank will continue to serve its customers through 72 branches in different areas in the kingdom to provide them with the important services that is not available in the digital channels. Full article

Riyad Bank sign a partnership agreement with “OQAL”

As part of supporting the entrepreneurs and SMEs that is related to vision 2030, Riyad Bank has signed a partnership agreement with “OQAL” to stimulate entrepreneurship in the Kingdom with the presence of Riyad Bank CEO Mr.Tariq Alsadhan and “OQAL” chairman of the board trustee Mr. Faris Alrashed. Full article

Riyad Bank and ministry of finance sign two memorandums of understanding to support stimulus initiative projects

As part of the Riyad Bank strategy to support the ministry of finance initiatives that is related to vision 2030 targeted sectors and stimulate to achieve vision 2030 objectives, Riyad Bank signed two memorandums of understanding with ministry of finance with the presence of the Head of the DMO and Advisor to the Minister of Finance Mr. Fahad Al-Saif, Riyad Bank vice- chairman of the board Eng. Mutaz Alazzawi , Riyad Bank CEO Tareq Al Sadhan during “ FURAS” municipal investment forum that is related to ministry of municipal and rural affairs which held recently in Riyadh. Full article

Riyad Bank rings market opening bell of London to celebrate listing Tier2 1.5 billion US dollar worth of bonds

Riyad Bank rang the opening bell of the London Stock Exchange today to celebrate the listing of Tier 2 1.5 billion US dollar worth of bonds on the London Stock Exchange, with the presence of the ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the UK, H.R.H prince Khalid bin Bandar bin sultan and the United Kingdom international trade minister Mr. Conor Burns, that to celebrate the first bonds that includes issuing a primary and secondary bond inside and outside the Kingdom. Full article

Riyad Bank launches a financing program for SME

Riyad Bank has launched a Financing program for SME, which aims to enable the enterprises to pay employee’s salaries on a fixed date monthly, which contribute to raising the competitive capabilities Retention and Talent and maintain a good record at the ministry of labor. Full article

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