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In Riyad Bank we believe that compliance is the responsibility of all staff, this belief is not merely a consideration but it is also translated into a reflection on how we conduct our work.

We are committed to comply with laws, regulations, as well as our self-inflected regulations such as but not limited to our Code of Ethics and Conduct. Riyad Bank pursues to make compliance embedded within the essence of the Bank’s processes out of care for our customers and stakeholders and to protect our activities.

Key components of our compliance framework lies in compliance policies approved by the board and the following approved policies:

Code of Ethics and Conduct Policy:

Our ability to do what is right is an instrumental factor in our integrity and reputation. The Code of Conduct in Riyad Bank is designed to guide employees and senior management on acceptable conduct. The Code is prepared on the basis that we in Riyad Bank are all responsible for conducting business ethically and no one should ever forgo integrity or even seem that they have.

Gifts, Benefits, and Entertainment Policy:

The exchange of gifts and benefits between the bank and its stakeholders is normal in the course of business, but may appear improper even if there was no unethical intent. We are committed to doing business based on our ethical standards and the value we provide to our customers and stakeholders, not on gifts or offers we give or receive, thus our policy provides clear guidance on what the bank allows for its employees to accept or give in terms of gift, benefits, favors, entertainment…etc.

We value our reputation and consider it to be an integral part of our business. We do not compromise our reputation by engaging in, or appearing to engage in, bribery or any form of corruption.

Insider Trading policy:

As employees of a financial services company, we may have access to material, non-public information (MNPI) or Insider Information about our Bank, our clients and other companies. We strictly prohibit the misuse of MNPI or Insider Information used for any personal gain for employees.

We have exhorted efforts to see that controls are put in place in order to ensure that there is no misuse of information.

Conflict of Interest Policy:

In Riyad Bank we have a fiduciary obligation towards our clients and our shareholders to act in their best interest. This means we avoid and address through controls, disclosures or other appropriate steps actual, or potential conflicts of interest.

AML / CTF Policy:

Our Anti-Money Laundering Policy and related procedures are designed to comply with all applicable laws and regulations related to money laundering, terrorist financing, financial crime, and international sanctions. Click Here for more information.

Data Privacy:

In Riyad Bank we adopted rigorous security protocols, checks and policies to ensure all customer data are kept confidential and secure. We adopt strict protocols and standards to our employees and technology, to maintain data privacy and security.


This policy is in line with institutional values and the Bank’s code of conduct. The policy also aims to promote standards of professional and ethical conduct, organizational accountability and individual responsibility by encouraging stakeholders to report violations in a responsible and ethical manner. Click Here for more information.


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