Riyad Self Service

No more queuing up for transactions or Customer Services. Riyad Self Service is a channel offered by Riyad Bank to save your time while attending to your banking needs.

  • Renew your mada Card
  • Reissuing your Riyad Bank mada Card
  • Update your contact details and information
  • Search and print account statements

How to Enroll:

If you are an existing Riyad Bank customer, you only require your Riyad Bank mada Card and PIN. Registered Riyad Online users can login with their Riyad Online User ID and Password. For non Riyad Bank customers you may open a current account through public website easily.

How to Renew you mada Card Through Riyad Self-Service Kiosk:

  1. Touch the screen. Then select language
  2. Log in to the KIOSK either by inserting the mada card with PIN or using Riyad Online credentials (User Name/ID with password and 2nd factor ”OTP or Token”)
  3. Select Print card (to be renewed or reissued)
  4. Select the reason of printing the card (Expired card)
  5. The new details of the card will be shown with the fees (0) for the printing, then a confirmation needs to be selected to start printing the card
  6. New PIN need to be entered for this new card and re-enter the new PIN again
  7. Card printing will start immediately , and after a while the card will ready and active to be used by the customer

Security Tips:

  • Keep all transaction receipts and check them against your account records
  • Make sure to check your account activity regularly to spot unusual transactions

Riyad Self-Service Kiosk locations:

City Branch
Riyadh Granada E-Branch
Al-Takhassosi street branch
Al Shifa Deerab Street branch
Qortuba branch
PNU branch (for students only)
Localizer branch
Al-Rawabi branch
Al-Rabie branch
Al-Munsiyah branch
Al-Rawda branch
Al-Nahdhah branch
Al-Quds branch
Southern Ring Road branch
Al-Maseef branch
Al-Nuzhah branch
Al-Mansorah branch
Al-Munsiyah branch
Western Ring Road branch
Buraidah Buraidah main branch
Al-Rayan branch
Al-Rass Al-Rass branch
Jeddah Al-Haramain road branch
Alfalah branch
Palestine St. branch
Madaa'in Al-Fahd branch
Al-Azziziah branch
Prince Sultan St. branch
Al-Sitteen St. branch
Al-Basateen branch
Al-Fayha branch
Al-Marwah branch
Al-Hamdaniyah branch
Makkah Al-Sitteen street branch
Al-Shara'e branch
Al-Awali district branch
Al-Russaifa branch
Madinah Al-Awali branch
Madinah main branch
Sultana branch
Yanbu Yanbu Industrial branch
Taif Barahat Gazaz branch
Shoubra branch
Al-Hawiya branch
Dammam Al Faisaliah branch
AlRakah branch
Al-Waha branch
Al-Muraikabat branch
West Dammam branch
Al-Mazruiyah branch
Ibn Khaldoon branch
Ghornatah branch
Corniche Dammam branch
Al Khobar Al Khozama branch
King Abdul Aziz St. branch
Al-Olayya branch
Al-Dhahran Al-Dawhah branch
Al-Qatif Al-Quds branch
Saihat Saihat branch
Safwa Safwa branch
Al-Jubail Al-Jubail branch
Al Hafuf King Faisal University branch
Al-Shahabiyah branch
Dhahran Street branch
Al-Hofuf Main branch
Al-Manizlah branch
Al-Najaah branch
Hassa Al-Jafr branch
Bgaig Bgaig branch
Hafr Al Batin King Faisal branch
Tabuk Tabuk Main branch
Al-Morooj branch
Umluj Umluj branch
Sabya Sabya branch
Hail Al Bohairah branch
Hail branch
Abha Abha main branch
Khamis Mushait Khamis Mushait branch
Jizan Jizan branch
Ahad Al-Masarihah Ahad Al-Masarihah branch
Al-Baha Al-Baha branch
Baljurashi Baljurashi branch
Mhayl Asir Mhayl Asir branch
Najran Najran
Qurayyat Qurayyat branch
Al Nayriah Al Nayriah branch
Thuqbah Thuqbah branch
Sakaka Sakaka branch
Al Dawadmi Al Dawadmi branch
Turaif Turaif branch
Al Majma'ah Al Majma'ah branch
Al-Qawayiya Al-Qawayiya branch
Ara'ar Ara'ar branch
Dhuba Dhuba branch
Al-Khafji Al-Khafji branch
Al-Kharj Al-Kharj branch

Frequently Asked Questions :

What are the available services in Riyad Self-service?
Is the card printing service available for issuing other cards?
Is the account statement only for limited period or the customer has the option to choose the account statement period?
In case the customer tried to issue a card and it has not been accepted and fees has been deducted, can we direct the customer to try again and choose one of the other conditions that does not require any fees?
Is Riyad Self-service available for new accounts that’s has been issued through Riyad Bank?
When can I renew my card which about to expire?