Riyad Line

The new version of Riyad Line 8001242225

Receive free access to your account information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Riyad Line 8001242225 offers a multitude of services through a telephone call.

The improvements in the new version:

  • Sign up and reset your password in a way never easier before
  • Easier login by only using the password (from a registered mobile number)
  • Complete revamp of options and services menu to be more user friendly
  • Ability to create a favorite list of the most used services
  • Proactively displays pending requests related to beneficiaries, credit cards and account status
  • Richer user experience with payments of bills and government services
  • • Ability to login to your Riyad Line account and complete your banking transactions securely with ultimate ease using only your voice through the new service “Your Voice Does It All


  • Check your account balance
  • Inquire about recent transactions
  • Pay government /public service fees or traffic fines
  • Create and manage beneficiaries
  • Pay loan installments and credit card
  • Perform transfers between accounts
  • Perform local and international transfers
  • Activate credit cards
  • Receive your credit card PIN through SMS securely and instantly.
  • Stop/block cards
  • Subscribe to IPO

How To register or PIN resetting:

You must be a Riyad Bank customer to enjoy Riyad Line services.

To activate the service, please call Riyad Line 8001242225, then follow the steps below:

  1. Choose registration or PIN reset through “Other Services”
  2. Enter National ID or Iqama number
  3. List of cards (mada / Credit ) will be displayed by their type and last four digits
  4. Choose the desired card then enter is PIN
  5. Enter the one-time password received on the registered mobile number then create the new Riyad Line password (4 digits)

To reset the ATM card PIN through Riyad Line:

  1. Call Riyad Line 8001242225
  2. Login to Riyad Line using your user ID & password, you will be notified immediately of any locked debit cards
  3. Enter number “1” to reset the card
  4. Enter the one-time password received on the registered mobile number

Now, you can use your old PIN to do your ATM card transactions.

Security Tips:

  • Do not trust unsolicited calls and do not disclose any personal information
  • Do not call back suspicious numbers
  • If you receive a call asking you to share your username, password or PIN information do not share and report it to 8001242225
  • Do not call back suspicious numbers