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Taking advantage of traditional and profitable investment products in a Shari’a compliant manner, Riyad Bank’s Islamic treasury desk offers a wide range of alternative banking solutions, such as Tahwat, FX Spot, FX Waad, Murabaha Structure and ISRA to meet different needs and requirement.

Murabaha Structure

Riyad Bank brings you the Murabaha Structure which is part of the Treasury’s Islamic Products which are fully approved from Riyad Bank’s Shari’a Committee.

The Murabaha Structure is specifically designed for investors who wish to combine the potential upside of “underlying asset” growth while protecting their initial investment.

The Structure generally reaches maturity between 6 Months to 5 Years and at the end of the agreed period you will receive your original investment plus the profit counted from indexes. However if no profit was generated your initial investment is secured and will be paid back to you.


Riyad Bank brings you FOREX Waad which is an Islamic product that allows you to purchase currency for future delivery over a specified rate.

This product is approved by Riyad Bank’s Shari’a Committee and gives you the flexibility of taking delivery only if in your favor and whenever required within the agreed set date.

  • Payment can be done only when the delivery of the foreign exchange has occurred
  • Possibility of having the same rate agreed on the trade date during the whole period, regardless of any changes in the market
  • Less documentation is required and is easily understood
  • Flexibility, as you can take the delivery of any partial amount needed from the principal hold by the bank after Waad start date.


Riyad Bank provides you with FOREX Spot which allows you to buy currency immediately on an agreed price.

This is an agreement between you and Riyad Bank, where the bank purchases one currency against selling another currency for an agreed price which is settled on the spot date.

Islamic Return Account

Islamic Return Account (ISRA) from Riyad Bank is an agreement between you and the bank, where you accept and purchase any Shari’a approved commodity which the bank will acquire in your favor. In this agreement as a cost and surplus is agreed upon between you and the bank.

Riyad Bank will then deposit your current account on the maturity date of the agreement with the funds which the commodity was sold for.

  • Approved by the Bank’s Shari’a Board
  • Anticipated profits comparable with conventional money market returns are higher
  • Flexible structure to accommodate customer requirements
  • Principal and profit is known at the start of the transaction
  • Customer credit risk is on Riyad Bank
  • Professional investment advice from Riyad Bank


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