Contact Us

A team of professional agents is dedicated to serving you and responding to your queries round the clock. And we always welcome your feedback.

Please feel free to contact us through any of the below mentioned numbers:

Riyad Bank General Call Center

For general enquiries & Complaints about Online Banking, Accounts, Cards and Loans, please call:

(+966) 920002470

Private Banking Call Center

Please call: 800-122-6666

If you are calling from abroad: (+966) 920002470

Diamond & Golden Banking Call Center

Please call: 800-441-0000

If you are calling from abroad: (+966) 920002470

Ways to Contact Us

Feel free to call us to the below phone numbers and our team will be glad to provide you with the support you need.


  • Platinum card customers

    Please call: 800-124-2228

  • POS & Merchants

    Please call: 800-124-2226

  • ATM support

    Please call: (+966) 920011404

  • For Tadawul & investment support

    Please call: 800-124-0010 or (+966) 920012299

  • Telesales & Marketing Call Center

    Enquiries about new products & offers, please call: 800-124-2020

  • Collection Department

    Please call: (+966) 920001724

Head Office

P.O. Box 22622 Riyadh 11416, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Phone: (+966) 011-401-3030
Swift Code: RIBLSARI