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Hassad Rewards Programs

Hassad Rewards Program offered by Riyad Bank to redeem points for exclusive offers via a Featured group of exclusive partners. Collect Hassad points through your banking transactions using Riyad Bank cards.

Easily calculate how much your Hassad points are worth with our calculator.

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Register in Hassad

For Riyad Bank credit card holders
Riyad Bank credit card holders are automatically enrolled in the Hassad Rewards Program, except for the digital card and prepaid card.
For non-Riyad Bank credit card holders
You can register in Hassad Program via Riyad Online or Riyad Mobile.
*Prepaid card and digital card are excluded from the program

Hassad Points

How to calculate Hassad Point for products and transactions:

Hassad Points

* No Hassad point will be reword on Digital Wallets transaction

Points Exchange

Reedem your hassad paoints via hassad mail when you  log in to Riyad online or Riyad Mobile and follow the following steps
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    Enter Hassad program

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    Choose redeem points from the page

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    Hassad mall will pop up

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    Choose your preferred merchents and redeem your points

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    You will receive a coupon on the email after the order confirmation

Transfer your points

You can transfer your point as a gift to registered customers, whether it’s a family member or a friend via Riyad Online or Riyad Mobile.

To transfer via Riyad Online or Riyad Mobile:
  • Sign in
  • Choose Hassad rewards page
  • Choose manage Hassad points – transfer
  • Enter the Hassad membership subscription number for the beneficiary and the number of points you wish to transfer
  • You will receive a confirmation text message and the number of points transferred
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Hassad Partners

Frequently Asked Questions

Hassad Rewards Program


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