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Tourism Partners Program

A Program between Tourism development fund and RiyadBank contributes to support private projects in the Tourism sector ,  supporting the National Tourism Strategy for enabling and developing tourism projects , and highlighting the Kingdom’s role as a leading force and a global  tourism destination

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  • Offering finance solutions to support tourism investment.
  • supporting the development of  tourism projects.
  • Facilitate investments and encourage investors on promising tourism sector
Entities can apply to the initiative by filling out the joining application or by communicating via the following email:
1.Tourism destinations & Attraction
3.F&B within Tourist destination. 
4.Tourism & Travel Services
5.Tourist Experience & Activities
6.Tourism Retail
  • Entity Age: 3  Years
  • Entity Segments: small and medium
  • Activity Age: All Ages (new and existing)
  • Company Nationality: Saudi & Foreign (have office in KSA)
  • Project location: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  • Assets (construction, leasing and purchase)
  • Working capital (salaries and operating expenses)
  • Loans
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+966-11-401-3030 Ext. 5952
+966-11-401-3030 Ext. 2691
+966-11-401-3030 Ext. 5601
+966-11-401-3030 Ext. 3218

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