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ALFURSAN Visa Infinite Credit Card

Riyad Bank ALFURSAN Visa infinite Credit Card, offers you a wide range of convenient features that will elevate your traveling experience , by earning Miles in the ALFURSAN program on every purchase.


Customer can earn 125,000 Miles as clarified below:

  • 45,000 Miles Upon Card Activation
  • 20,000 extra Miles upon spending SAR 25,000 for every 3 months
  • 1 Mile for every SAR 1.5 spent on local transactions

  • 1 Mile for every SAR 1 spent on international transactions
  • 100% tier miles to upgrade your ALFURSAN membership each time you fly with SAUDIA
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More Information

  • Access to 1000+ airport lounges in more than 300 cities through the Lounge KeyApp with unlimited visits for cardholder and one guest
    Discounts and offers in 200+ restaurants across the world through the Visa Dine and Travel app

  • 25% discount on YQ Meet and Assist at 450 destinations globally

  • 12% discount on Agoda and 10% cashback on

  • 15% discount on IHG Hotels and Resorts

  • Benefits and discounts at over 900 prestigious properties through Visa Luxury Hotel Collections

  • Up to 25% discount on Jumeriah Hotels

  • Up to 35% discount on Avis Car Rental

  • Up to 10% off on

  • Up to USD 50,000 Rental Car Collision Damage Insurance

  • Multi Trip Travel Insurance with coverage of:

  • Up to USD 500,000 Personal Accident

  • Up to USD 2,500,000 Emergency Medical Expenses

  • Up to USD 2,000,000 Repatriation"

  • 24-hour concierge service, Global customer assistance services along with medical and travel assistance services

  • 2 for 1 offers on Entertainer App

  • Visa Golf Access - discounts on green fees for participating golf courses


ALFURSAN program offers Miles for every transaction made using ALFURSAN Visa infinite Credit Card, which you can redeem for travel bookings and more.

  • Customers can earn ALFURSAN welcome miles once the card is issued and activated.

  • Spend on international and local PoS and e-commerce

  • Customers should earn Miles on only international and local transactions PoS and e-commerce once the transaction is posted.

Miles earned as follows:

  • 45,000 Miles upon activation

  • 20,000 extra miles upon spending SAR 25,000  

  • 1 Mile for every SAR 1.5  spent on local transactions

  • 1 Mile for every SAR 1 spent on international transactions

  • SADAD transactions are not included
  • Digital Wallet transactions are not included
  • Charges, fees, cash withdrawal, tansfers, ATM withdrawals are not accounted toward earning Al Fursan miles
  • All transaction reversals, disputed transaction and cancelled transactions will not calculate or qualify for Al Fursan miles  

Tier Miles:
  • The member will be eligible to earn 100% additional Tier miles after the first transaction from Riyad Al Fursan Credit Cards and reflected in Al Fursan account.
  • New card holders: Tier miles are earned from bookings made within a period of three months regardless of the departure date, after the first transaction is reflected in Al Fursan account.
  • Renewal: Tier miles are earned from bookings made within a period of one month regardless of the departure date, after the first transaction from the renewal is reflected in Al Fursan account.
  • 100% additional Tier miles will be credited after trip completion. 
  • The correct Al Fursan membership number must be quoted at the time of reservation or check-in for SAUDIA.


  • All terms and conditions of Riyad Bank applies
  • Minimum age required is 18 years old
  • Customers holding Al Fursan Credit Card are eligible to participate in the Miles Program. For the avoidance of doubt, the Riyad Bank Al Fursan Miles Program does not apply to other Riyad Bank Credit Cards unless explicitly mentioned in the product description. The Riyad Bank Al Fursan Miles Program shall be at all times subject to the terms and conditions outlined hereinafter.
  • Riyad Bank is entitled, at any time after 30 days notice to the Cardholder in any manner to terminate the Miles Program and/or cancel and/or vary its benefits or features, and/or vary, add to or delete any of the terms and conditions outlined herein, and/or modify or limit the value of Miles awarded, and/or the manner in which the Miles is awarded and the Cardholder shall be bound by such variations and amendments. The latest provisions in such connection will be available on the Riyad Bank website. It is the Cardholders’ responsibility to ensure that they are apprised of the provisions and any changes thereof relating to the Card at all times. Riyad Bank’s decision on all matters relating to the Miles Program shall be final and binding on the Cardholder.

  • Riyad Bank cannot be held responsible for the difference between the membership number that has been used at the time of applying for the Al Fursan credit card and the registered membership number with Al Fursan Saudia, and the customer will not be compensated for any amounts

  • It is the customer responsibility to verify the membership number that was used at the time of applying for the Al Fursan credit card and the membership number registered with Al Fursan membership

  • Miles will only be given to active credit cards

  • Miles cannot be exchanged for any other rewards, and is not replaceable or transferable under any circumstances.  It can only be availed after it has been transferred to Al Fursan membership

  • Fair usage policy:
  1. Misuse of the Card to effect fictitious transactions through PoS terminals at merchant outlets or through other means shall be construed as a breach of fair usage policy and may result in the respective Card(s) not being eligible for Al Fursan Miles.
  2. Riyad Bank will provide a prior notice of 30 days to the Cardholder to add or remove from the below list of exceptions of eligible transactions on miles earning. It is Riyad Bank’s right as to what constitutes an Eligible Transaction and Fair usage shall be final, conclusive and binding.
  3. The Miles Program is valid for personal use only. In case the Card is used for business purposes, Riyad Bank reserves the right to claw back the miles awarded, suspend the credit card and/or report the same to relevant authorities as a breach of fair usage.
  4. Riyad Bank reserves the right to disqualify any Cardholder from further participation in the Miles Program, if in Riyad Bank’s sole judgment, that Cardholder has in any way violated these Terms and Conditions and/or the terms and conditions of the Riyad Bank Al Fursan Card agreement and fair usage policy. Suspension and disqualification may result, at Riyad Bank’s sole discretion, to the cancellation and nullification of all miles earned by the Cardholder.
  • These terms and conditions are executed in English and Arabic. In case of discrepancy between Arabic and English, the Arabic shall prevail

  • In the event that the Cardholder fails to pay the fees or defaulted on any payments type set no benefits that are associated shall be received

  • The Co-Brand application requires you to share your existing Al Fursan Relationship Number when applying for Al Fursan card

  • Al Fursan Miles awarded will be transferred to your Al Fursan account. However, the Cardholder shall not have the right to redeem these miles for cash or any other option that is not provided by Al Fursan. Gaining Miles depends on the fulfillment of obligations by the Cardholder as manifested in the timely payments of annual fee and charges. Accordingly, in case of delay in payment for a period of 30 days from the date of accrual of payment as stated in the statement of account, the Bank shall have the right to suspend the Cardholder’s account and ability to gain miles. Additionally, the Cardholder shall not be entitled to benefit from all miles previously earned and shall not have the right to gain any new miles. In the month the Cardholder does not pay the minimum amount due, any miles which would have otherwise been earned for that month, will be cancelled and will not be transferred to his Al Fursan account. If the cardholder does not make payment in compliance with the Card Terms and Conditions, then the miles are forfeited

  • The Bank reserves the right to cancel, change or replace Al Fursan Miles program (“Program”) or the Co-Brand T&C, including, but not limited to miles earn rate, rates of Al Fursan Miles’ exchange, method of calculation, deduction or exchange, with or without notice.

  • The Program shall terminate if the Cardholder’s debt to the Bank is either delinquent or overdue over the period of 60 days, the Bank shall have the right to cancel the balance of accumulated miles without prior notice

  • The Program shall be the sole property of the Bank and the Cardholder shall not have the right to transfer the balance of miles gained to any other account or card

  • Any queries regarding end of period balance, accrual, expiry, transfers and redemptions have to be made directly with Al Fursan. The Co-Brand monthly statement will only contain information regarding your Co-Brand transactions for that month and miles transferred to Al Fursan that month and not contain any information on Al Fursan Miles accrued, carried forward, earned or redeemed

  • The Bank reserves the right to renew the Co-Brand or at its discretion convert the Co-Brand to an alternative product. In such a case, no prior consent or permission will be required. In the event that the Co-Brand card is not renewed, the Cardholder will continue to maintain his/hers Al Fursan membership number with Saudi Airlines

  • If the customer decided to close the card and he/she has Miles balance to settle, the cost of the Miles will be charge to the account with a price of 0.1 SAR per Miles, the card can’t be canceled unless the cost of Al Fursan Miles is settled

  • If the customer has not provided his Al Fursan membership and is accumulating miles by using the card and decides to close the card before the Al Fursan membership is updated, the accrued miles will not be transferred to Al Fursan and will be deemed as expired

  • Eligible Transactions made with a Supplementary Card will be aggregated with the eligible transactions charged by the primary Cardholder for the purposes of calculating the miles amount. The aggregated miles will be awarded for the primary Cardholder’s membership number with Al Fursan

Fees   (VAT is not included)                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Visa Infinite
Title 2

Annual fees for credit card

SAR 2,000

Monthly profit margin


FX fee on international transactions for SAR and Non-SAR


Supplementary credit card fees


Minimum monthly payments

5% of the due amount, or SAR 100. Whichever is higher

Cash withdrawal fees

SAR 75 per transaction of amount up to SAR 5,000 and 3% or

SAR 300, whichever is less, for transactions that exceed SAR 5,000

Late payment

SAR 100

Reactivating the card (Islamic card only)

SAR 100

Replacements card fees

SAR 50 (based on bank estimation)

Credit Shield fees (optional)

0.49% of the total outstanding balance, adding it to Card account every month

Issuing a Transaction

SAR 50

Annual Profit Rate


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Visit your nearest Riyad Bank branch with the following documents:

  • Copy of valid Saudi national ID for Saudi nationals
  • Copy of valid resident Identity card or Passport for non-Saudi nationals
  • Salary certificate mentioning employment start date for salaried individuals

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