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Riyad Bank’s Western Union Service

Riyad Bank presents the Western Union service, to make it easy and convenient for international money transfers directly to your beneficiaries’ bank accounts through Riyad Bank’s Mobile.
*Western Union terms and conditions apply.
The list of countries that accept instant transfer may change more or less from time to time.
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This service is available through Riyad Mobile only
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More Information

  • Account to account transfer service is available to 90+ countries
  • Transfer can be made in simple steps (add a beneficiary and transfer)
  • Offers a competitive FX rates and fees
  • Real time delivery service available to multiple destinations
  • 24/7 service availability
Follow the below steps:
  • Login to RMOB app.
  • From the landing page select “New Beneficiary”.
  • Select “Western Union Beneficiary”.
  • Way of receiving the money should be “Transfer to Account”.
  • After that you need to fill the required information.
  • Then select “Create Beneficiary”.
  • From the landing page select “Money Transfer”.
  • Select “Western Union Transfer”.
  • Select the intended beneficiary for the transfer.
  • Enter the amount for transfer.
  • Accept the T&Cs in confirmation page.
  • After that the system will display the transaction successful page.

How much are the transfer fees from my account?
When is the transfer delivered to the beneficiary?

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