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Capital Multi Asset Traded Fund

The Fund’s units will be offered on 19/05/2024 AD corresponding to 11/11/1445 AH The end of the subscription is 27/06/2024 AD corresponding to 21/12/1445 AH

SEDCO Capital Multi Asset Traded Fund
A financial market institution licensed under 11157-37 issued by the Capital Market Authority in accordance with the provisions of the Financial Market Institutions Regulations issued by the Board of the Capital Market Authority

Fund capital
The fund's capital is 1,000,000,000  Saudi riyals

Number of units offered for public subscription:
A maximum of 100,000,00 units of the offering will be allocated to individual subscribers. The offering price will be [10.23] SAR per unit.

Subscription channels:

  1. Riyad Mobile
  2. Riyad Online
  3. Print the subscription form


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