Update your Information Easily

Now, you can update your national ID, Iqama information , Customer Details , Employment Information ,Contact Information and National Address hassle-free through Riyad Online or Riyad Line. No need to visit the branch anymore!

We have upgraded our system to automatically detect the need to update your information once you login to Riyad Online or Riyad line, and then all you have to do is confirm your wish to update your information, and the system will instantly and securely connect with the authorities to update you record with us after you have updated it at the Civil Affairs Office or through Absher.

To know the steps for registering on Riyad Online.

To log in to Riyad Online, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions :

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How does this service work through Riyad Line?
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I tried to update my ID through Riyad Online but received an error message, what do I do?
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