Digital Banking for Students

Digital Banking for Students

Because we always aim to provide you with a convenient and easy banking experience with us an “ALAWAL” student account cardholder, we are pleased to announce that we now offering you access to our digital banking channels:

In addition, we are also offering out other applications:

  • Riyad App for Smartwatches: to keep track of your account details using the latest technology
  • Riyad Token: to authenticate both log in and financial transactions
  • Riyad Pay Mobile Wallet App: to load Riyad Bank MasterCard Credit Cards and preload Cards on your point of sale terminals without presenting your physical card to pay

How do I benefit from these digital banking channels? What are the main features and benefits?

You can handle your account easily from anywhere using our Digital Banking Channels.

You do not need to look for a Riyad bank ATM or stand in line.

Services Available through Digital Channels:

  1. Fully manage your account
  2. Account balance overview
  3. Search and print account receipt
  4. Instant issuance of Virtual Credit Card for online shopping
  5. Money transfer
  6. Send transfer to beneficiaries in Riyad Bank and other local Banks
  7. Receive incoming transfers from Riyad Bank and other local Banks
  8. Payments of government services and traffic violations
  9. Bill Payment and fees
  10. Update personal information
  11. Sticker and bracelet for Contactless Payment services to pay for low value purchases
  12. Update mobile number through ATMs

To know more about our Digital Banking channels, please watch this video.
To know more about the registration steps for our Digital Banking, watch this video.

Frequently Asked Questions :

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