Security Tips

Security Tips when using the Digital Channels:

  • Never access Riyad Online from a link provided from an unknown source other than official SMSs, and emails by Riyad Bank
  • Use strong Passwords that cannot be guessed and change them frequently
  • Never use unknown Search Engines, or links to access your account
  • Never share your password with others, or write it anywhere that can be accessible to anyone
  • Do not disclose any Online Credentials (Username and Password) with anyone claiming to be from Riyad Bank
  • Never leave your personal computer or device unattended while logged into Riyad Online or Riyad Mobile
  • Be sure others are not watching you when you enter your Online Credentials (Username and Password)
  • Click on Logout to successfully close your session

Security Tips when using your Personal Device:

  • Do not use a jailbroken or Rooted device
  • Do not install any unknown/unofficial/untrustable apps or programs on your device
  • Try not to use Shared devices to log into your banking channels
  • Do not allow anyone to register their credentials (Username and Password) on your device, nor their Touch/FaceID (iPhone), or Fingerprint (Android)
  • Notify the Bank if your device is stolen in the case your device is linked with the Bank (For example: Touch/FaceID (iPhone), or Fingerprint (Android))
  • Always use the original Operating system of your device
  • Regularly install the necessary security updates to keep your device up to date
  • Make sure to have anti-virus installed on your device as well as making sure the firewall is active