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Welcome to #MyBank ..

We had the pleasure to be a part of your journey, dreams, and successes for more than Six decades.

As we set our eyes on the future, we assure you our commitment and dedication to our unwavering values. We welcome the future with commitment, distinction, and originality.

With our extensive network of over 236 branches and user-friendly digital channels, we strive to make banking convenient for you. Our vision is to be at the forefront of digital empowerment and innovation in the banking sector.
Because your ambition is our ambition, we are here to support you in reaching new heights where you can explore our range of banking products that are designed to suit your lifestyle.

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Our Products

  • Time Deposit: With our customizable options, you have the ability to choose the deposit amount and term that best suits your needs to meet your financial goals.
  • Wazin: Balancing your Spendings and savings has become easier than ever! For each transaction you specify a sum of money will be deducted from the net transaction and the amount will be deposited in your saving account.
  • Token: The first banking service for children in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We believe in the importance of preparing our children for a bright financial future. With our kid-friendly savings account, we make saving money a fun and rewarding experience.

Discover more about our saving programs here. And Empower yourself with the tools to shape your financial future.


  • Personal Finance: Assists you in meeting your financial needs, whether planned or in case of emergencies.
  • Murabaha: Provides cash liquidity or the opportunity to own shares in accordance with Islamic Sharia principles.

Explore our comprehensive suite of financial products and uncover the perfect fit for your needs. Learn more here.

  • Leasing financing: Acquire your desired vehicle through various leasing programs that comply with Islamic Sharia principles, with simple terms and procedures.

  • 60-month financing: Option to pay for your car over a period of up to 60 months, with the possibility of transferring ownership through early repayment.

  • 50/50 financing: Convenient car rental financing option where you pay half of the car's value now and the other half after two years.

    Discover car financing services. Learn more here.

  • Payment’s program: Through this program, you can purchase the products you want for specific amounts and pay those services and products in installments with flexible payment plans without administrative fees and without a profit margin.


  • The facility program: It gives you the opportunity to apply for a salary advance with an amount deducted from the value of your net monthly salary deposited in your account, and the amount of the advance granted is fixed throughout the annual subscription period.


  • Educational financing: The service of paying your fees or your children’s fees in installments with accredited educational bodies through the personal financing product without administrative fees and without a profit margin.

Discover more here.

  • Al-Hilal Mastercard:  Support AlZaeem with Al Hilal cards (World Elite - World - and Platinum) and enjoy AlHilal benefits, with offers and rewards provided by Al Hilal partners. As well as generous cashback on your purchases, E-gaming, and more.

  • Al-Fursan Visa Credit Card: Fly the world with AlFursan Visa (Infinite - Signature) Credit Card, which gives you many travel rewards and benefits by earning miles in the Alfursan program for every purchase you make, in addition to 45,000 welcome miles or 25,000 welcome miles.

  • Prepaid Credit Cards: The safe, modern alternative to carry cash. You can control your daily expenses with ease.

  • Visa Signature Cashback Islamic Credit Card: A card that gives you up to 10% cashback on your purchases, which is designed specially to give you a unique world of rewards that suit your needs and aspirations.

  • Virtual Card: You can now shop online easily and safely using a digital card.

  • Visa Signature Islamic Credit Card: A card that gives you a banking experience that lives up to your aspirations, with exclusive offers and services with a selection of restaurants and hotels around the world.

  • Qasset 0% Program: This program allows you to transfer your purchases using any of Riyad Bank’s Credit Cards to a group of easy and convenient options in payment plans on all purchasing transactions inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with a 0%.


Learn more about our credit cards options that matches your lifestyle and aspirations here.

Hassad Program: A reward program designed to appreciate you by obtaining Hassad points and exchanging them for vouchers and rewards that suit your lifestyle at a wide range of Hassad merchants inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Learn more about Hassad here. And unlock a new world of rewards.

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