Golden Banking

We develop our services to meet your needs and match your excellence. "my bank" is an open gate that embraces the requirements of the most elite group of our customers with confidence to achieve your objectives and match your ambitions and expectations, and provide services that satisfy your passion for everything new and innovative.

Becoming a Golden Banking customer at Riyad Bank enables you to discover the true meaning of contemporary and premium banking. We provide tailored products and services that match your excellence so that your banking experience is truly exceptional.

Riyad Bank’s Golden Banking offers a range of premium services and personalized solutions designed to place you amongst the most select group of distinguished customers.

Golden Banking features:

  • Qualified professionals to attend to all your needs
  • Priority service at all Riyad Bank branches and Riyad Line (phone banking)
  • Dedicated sections for Golden Banking customers at our branches
  • Riyad Bank mada Platinum Card with a special design and atheer contactless technology
  • Access to VIP lounges at most airports around the world provided by Visa Signature card
  • Visa Signature card with high credit limit specially designed to cater to all your needs. It brings you outstanding benefits and exclusive offers of gourmet dinners, shopping, and others. As a Golden Banking customer you are exempted from the annual fees for the credit card but if you lose your program membership, you will be charged for the annual fees. Learn more about Visa Signature card
  • Special offers and discounts from prestigious national and international brands and restaurants
  • Discounts on administrative fees and banking operations like safety deposit fees, investment funds subscription fees, brokerage services commissions through Riyad Capital Online and others
  • 24/7 access to a personalized Riyad Online and Riyad Mobile in addition to a bundle of digital banking solutions designed to make your banking experience easier and more productive. Learn more
  • A dedicated 24/7 phone number that gives you access to many banking services from inside the Kingdom (8004410000) and outside (+966) 920002470
  • Uniquely designed chequebooks

How to join Riyad Bank Golden Banking:

  • Open an account and deposit a minimum of SAR 500,000 ; or
  • Maintain last three months average balance of SAR 100,000 to less than SAR 500,000 ; or
  • Transfer your salary to Riyad Bank, provided your salary is between SAR 20,000 and less than SAR 40,000

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