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Al-Hilal Mastercard World Credit Card

Al-Hilal Mastercard World from Riyad Bank offers you discounts, cashback, offers and features on every purchase you make.

  • Up to 7.5% cashbacks on various categories
  • Welcoming gifts by Al-Hilal  Club
  • Enjoy discounts up to 10% in Al-Hilal  stores
  • 6 months Blu Store (Pro) membership
  • Priority access to Al-Hilal matches tickets
  • Up to 10% cashback from Floward
  • Prime subscription from Jahez

*Terms & Conditions Apply
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  • Points of sale - local 1.25%
  • Points of sale - international 1.75%
  • Online purchase 1.25%
  • Purchases via e-gaming platforms 7.50%

Al-Hilal Club Benefits:
How to utilize 
Discounts of up to 10% at Al-Hilal Store.
When performing the transaction using Al Hilal credit cards and presenting the card to Al-Hilal store employees 
Free t-shirt.
T-shirt will be delivered within 30 day after using the card (One time per year)
Welcoming gift.
including a mug, bracelets, hat, and more. It will be delivered within 30 days after using the card (one time per year)
Get a 10% discount at Al Hilal Academy
By presenting the card to the academy staff (one time offer)
Exclusive opportunity to purchase a signed T-shirt from Al Hilal players
Available for cardholders through Blu Store (One time per season)
Taking photos with the cups in the event that Al-Hilal wins.
Invitations will be sent and details will be announced if Al Hilal wins the championship
Exclusive tour of Al-Hilal Club.
Invitations will be sent and details will be announced soon

Blu Benefits: 
How to utilize 
6 months Pro membership
After using the card
Priority of purchasing tickets for Al-Hilal matches.
After using the card
Free delivery for Blu store orders.
After using the card
2% cashback on your purchases at Blu Store on your Blu wallet.
After using the card
Up to 10% discount on Al-Hilal Store purchases at Blu Store
After using the card
Unique design of the membership card
After using the card

Jahez Benefits:
How to utilize 
3 months Prime Subscription
After using the card
Cashback on every win of Al-Hilal.
details announced post-win

Floward Benefits: 
How to utilize 
Up to 10% cashback without a maximum cap. (during the sports season)
After using the card
Cashback on every win of Al-Hilal.
details announced post-win

Customer must be registered with Blu and Jahez to benefit from the memberships.
  • Al-Hilal  World Mastercard cardholders are entitled to participate in Al-Hilal Credit Card cashback program, and the program does not apply to other credit cards unless mentioned.
  • Riyad Bank has the right, at any time after notifying the cardholders in any way at least 30 days prior to its implementation, to terminate the cashback program and/or cancel and/or change its benefits or features, and/or change, add or deleting any of the terms and conditions described herein and/or amending or limiting the value of the cashback granted and/or the manner in which the cashback is to be made, the Cardholder shall be bound by such changes and amendments. Terms and conditions will be updated in this regard on the official Riyad Bank website. It is also the responsibility of the cardholders to ensure that they are aware of the provisions and any changes made to the card at all times with the possibility of objection if the cardholder does not agree.
  • Minimum cap per transaction to be eligible for cashback is SAR 100
  • The cashback program applies to the eligible transactions, and the cashback amount will be in Saudi Riyals.
  • The following cashback value will be applied to eligible transactions made within the following (Domestic transactions, International transactions, E-Commerce transactions, Online Gaming platforms transactions).
  • All Riyad Bank terms and conditions apply.
  • The customer must be at least 18 years old.
  • For Credit Cards APR disclosure, click here

*All Terms and Conditions apply
Fees  (VAT is not included)                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Al-Hilal Mastercard World Credit Card 
Title 2
Annual fees for credit card

1,500 SAR

Annual profit margin


Late Payment

SAR 100

Cash Withdrawal Fees

SAR 75 per transaction of amount up to SAR 5,000 and 3% or SAR 300, whichever is less, for transactions that exceed SAR 5,000

Additional fee on Interantinal transactions


Monthly Minimum Payment

5% of the total due or SAR 100, whichever is higher

Reactivation fees
100 SAR
Dispute fees
50 SAR
Replacement Card
50 SAR

Can I use the credit card immediately after receiving it?
How can I view the transactions done with my card?
What if I lost my card?
Are there any fees on the credit card?
What is the monthly profit margin?
What is the annual profit rate?
Is there a minimum amount to have the cashback?
What are the transactions that not cashback eligible?
What is the maximum cashback earning limit?
When will my Blu membership and Jahez prime subscription be activated?
When will I be able to receive the free gifts?
How can I purchase a signed T-Shirts by Al Hilal players?
How can I load my card via SADAD?
How can I load my card via SADAD?

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