Registration after Opening Account Online

How to Enroll to all our Digital Channels after opening digitalized account:

  1. You will receive a temporary user number and password by SMS on your mobile. The validity of the password will be 3 days
  2. Now, you should be able to activate your digital banking account by following these steps:
    • Go to Riyad Online website or download Riyad Mobile app from Google Play or the App Store
    • Enter your user ID (sent via SMS) and enter the temporary password (which you should have received by SMS)
    • Select login and then enter the authentication code you will receive on your mobile by SMS
    • Setup your digital profile
      • Enter the username you like to use to login to the digital banking channels
      • Enter your email and re-enter it again for confirmation
      • Enter the password for digital banking channels and re-enter it again for confirmation
      • Enter the Riyad Line PIN (4 digits, number only) and re-enter it again for confirmation
      • Accept the Terms & Conditions to complete the registration