Scheduled Transfer

Transfer Money between accounts in a systematic and secure way.
Scheduled Transfer from Riyad Bank gives you several advantages to transfer money between accounts autonomously.

  • Save time and never forget to make a transfer
  • Set transactions for future payments
  • Conveniently set up orders for obligations
  • Helps to manage and control your expenses

Scheduled Transfer is an electronic service and is available through Riyad Online and Riyad Bank branches. The service enables you to transfer fixed amounts of money between accounts at Riyad Bank or other bank accounts within selected dates.

Advantages of using Scheduled Transfer:

  • Automate repayment obligations on specified dates
  • Payments are made faster than checks
  • Make multiple transfers at the same time
  • Keeps you from having to make a direct cash payment 
  • You can potentially make regular fixed payments to your savings account

Terms and Conditions:

  • Customers must have an active current or saving account at Riyad Bank
  • When making payments to foreign accounts or vice versa through Scheduled Transfer currency exchange rates must be taken into account
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