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KYC & Due Diligence questionnaire

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At Riyad Bank, we chose the Wolfsburg 2018 survey precisely because it covers several aspects through which the necessary data can be extracted, reflecting the controls implicitly referred to in FATF Recommendation XIII ), And article IX of the Anti-Money Laundering Law, which read:

Financial institution are not prohibited from providing the foreign financial institution with the information and documents required by the foreign institution to comply with the conditions stipulated in paragraph 9.1 (a) (b)

In light of the Royal Decree No. M / 20, Riyad Bank has taken several measures to facilitate access of correspondent banks and related parties to Riyad Bank's questionnaire, with maintaining the highest international standards. Riyad Bank Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Questionnaire can be accessed through the SWIFT KYC Registry, so that authorized parties access Riyad Bank's questionnaire and download related documents using Riyad Bank code (RIBLSARI).


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