Salary Card for Household Workers

The Salary Card for household workers is a prepaid card that allows the sponsor to make monthly salary payments to the card holder (worker) easily and safely. This card will be used by household workers such as the driver, maid, house guards ... etc. under the sponsorship of the individual.

The Salary Card will offer the basic banking services for customers and sponsors that do not deal with banks in an easy and efficient way which will protect the sponsor and the worker alike in their cash transactions and guarantee an easy channel for their payments.

Now, opening a Salary Card account is done with the utmost ease through Riyad Online in a few simple steps by requiring the minimum amount of information where our system will then retrieve additional data automatically from the National Information Center. The card will be sent to the worker by a carrier company.

The Salary Card gives workers the flexibility to conveniently withdraw their monthly salary through ATMs and pay for all shopping at Point of Sales with ease through the mada network.

Apply now through Riyad Online or visit any of Riyad Bank branches.

For more information, please call 8001242225

Features and Services:

  • Deposits to the card balance are limited to be from the current account of the sponsor only
  • SMS notification service
  • PIN & chip security
  • Cash withdrawal
  • Balance inquiries
  • Mini-statement for the last 5 transactions
  • PIN reset
  • SADAD bill payments
  • Mobile number Update
  • Transactions at local Points of Sale terminals
  • Cash back


Service Fees (SAR)
Annual fees for issuance and renewal* Private Banking: free from both the branch and Riyad Online
Diamond Banking: SAR 45 from the branch - SAR 36 from Riyad Online
Golden Banking: SAR 63 from the branch - SAR 54 from Riyad Online
Silver Banking: SAR 90 from the branch - SAR 67.5 from Riyad Online
All other customers: SAR 90 from the branch - SAR 81 from Riyad Online
Point of Sale transaction Free
PIN change from the ATM Free
Mini statement Free
Replacement Issuance SAR 52.50
Cash withdrawal / non Riyad Bank ATMs 4 free transactions per month. The fifth transaction onwards SAR 2.10 per transaction including VAT
Balance Inquiry / non Riyad Bank ATMs 4 free transactions per month. The fifth transaction onwards SAR 0.84 per transaction including VAT
SADAD Bank Fee Free

* Paid by sponsor. Please note that fees do not include VAT.

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