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Mada Platinum Card 

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Mada Platinum Card is designed to make you feel exceptional as a privileged Golden Banking customer. It offers many benefits to make you feel special, comfortable and secure during your travels around the world. 


  • Airport Lounge Access: For more information and locate the available lounges, please download the Mastercard Travel Pass application
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  • Airport Concierge: Enjoy a 15% savings for Meet and Greet services which are available for departures, arrivals and connections. To make a booking, please visit MasterCard Airport Concierge website
  • Card Fraud Protection Riyad Bank Mada Platinum cardholders can get reimbursed for unauthorized charges made on an account through purchases, using the cardholder’s payment card information.
    • Worldwide Acceptance: at over 35 million merchants and 2 million ATMs around the world
    • Priceless Arabia: a unique collection of experiences especially curated for Riyad Bank mada Platinum cardholders. For a list of offers, please visit Priceless Arabia website

Online Shopping:

  • You can use Mada card for online shopping on websites that accept Mada and MasterCard. The transaction will be deducted directly from the Current Account
  • To check out simply use the card’s information such as: the card number, the name as printed on the card, the expiry date and the CVC code (a 3-digit number located on the back of the card)
  • To authenticate the purchase transaction, a security code will be sent to the mobile number registered with the bank
  • This service is free of charge for transactions in Saudi Riyal. As for foreign currencies, fees of 2.75% will be charged to all customers.
  • The service is automatically activated for all Mada cards with a MasterCard logo, you can cancel the online purchase service from Riyad Online.
  • The limit of use for online purchases is the same as daily usage limit through points of sale. You can modify the daily limit via Riyad Online or through the Bank's ATMs or by calling Riyad Line.

Atheer Service:

You can use this service to pay for low value purchases of up to SAR 300 per purchase by just taping or passing your card over the POS machine without the need of entering the PIN, as you may perform more than one transaction is allowed with the required cumulative limit of 300 SAR only, regardless of the number of transactions. In case that the transactions exceed the required limit of 300 SAR, the cardholder will be required to enter the password for each transaction for safety purposes.

"Atheer" Service Features:
  • Service applies to cumulative values up to SAR 300 regardless of the number of transactions. For security purpose, after reaching SAR 300, the next transaction will be made by inserting the card and entering your PIN
  • Atheer transactions will be included in the monthly credit card statement
How do I Pay using "Atheer" Service
  1. Look for the “Atheer” reader on the point-of-sale terminal

  2. Tap your card against the reader

  3. Wait for the beep sound or green light which indicates the completion of the transaction

How to Stop Mada "Atheer" Service through Riyad Online
  1. Choose accounts and cards

  2. Mada card

  3. Stop Atheer service

Automated Callback

Automated Callback service from Riyad Bank enable you to reactivate your Mada cards passwords after the card being frozen due to re-entering the wrong password.

How to reactivate your password through Automated Callback:
  1. You will receive the auto call

  2. Once you answer the call, you will need to enter the IVR PIN

  3. You will be asked to reset the PIN

  4. Auto call will ask “Do you want to change the password?”

  5. Once you select change the PIN, new password will be announced

  6. Re-enter the PIN to confirm

  7. Password has been successfully changed

“Naqd” Service

It enables the cardholder to withdraw cash at a participating merchant when paying by their Mada card. The cash amount will then be deducted directly from your bank account along with the purchase amount.

“Naqd” Service Features:
  • You can benefit from the service when using your Mada card to pay the purchase amount at merchants who provide the service
  • The minimum value of cash is SAR 1 and the maximum value is SAR 400 per day
  • There is no maximum number of transactions per day on which cash could be requested
  • The service is available for all Mada cards
  • This service is free of charge
Fees & Charges
Fees & Charges
Card issuance
Card Renewal
Balance inquiry (within the GCC Net)*
Balance inquiry (outside the Kingdom and GCC Net) *
Purchases through POS ( within the GCC Net)*
International Purchases (Outside the Kingdom and GCC Net)
Re-issuance of lost/stolen cards
SAR 30
Cash withdrawal (within the GCC Net)*
SAR 10
Cash withdrawal (outside the Kingdom and GCC Net)*
SAR 25
GCC Net: Certified countries in GCC network (Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait and Qatar)


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